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Cure for Anxiety.

Each day we have a choice for what we are going to partner with. Several times over the last few weeks, I have caught myself having anxious thoughts, and in that moment, my choice is whether or not to continue with these thoughts of anxiety. I was listening to a sermon by Shawn Bolz, and something he mentioned really stuck out to me. He was reading from Philippians chapter 4, which gives insight into how to remove any anxiety from our minds before it has the chance to take hold of our lives.

Do not be preoccupied about anything, but let the things you ask for be pointed out to God by means of prayer and earnest requests with gratitude. And the peace of God, which conquers all processes of thinking, will keep watch over your minds and what you think about by means of the Anointed One Jesus.” Philippians 4:6 (The Source Translation)

There’s a couple things I love from this passage. Firstly is Paul’s encouragement to not become preoccupied or filled with anxiety over what is or isn’t happening. Instead, we should point our requests out to God through prayer and thanksgiving. Thanksgiving releases us from anxiety. Feeling anxious over your week? Begin to give God thanks for what is about to happen. Press in to God for more.

Second thing I love from the passage is that the peace of God will actually watch over our minds, even as we work through our situation, waiting for the breakthrough we have been pressing in to. Peace that transcends all knowledge and understanding is available to us in place of anxiety.

So next time anxiety comes your way, flip it on its head by giving God thanks, by allowing yourself and your mind to be filled with His peace that will more than sustain you through any situation you may find yourself in.



I am so excited for our conference coming up next month, right here in Glasgow. We have a leader coming from Bethel Church, whose teaching had such a huge impact on me during my two years there. It was because of one of his books, Igniting Faith, that I experienced major breakthrough in my own life. This book is set up as a 40 day negativity fast, where we spend time speaking life over our lives and circumstances, declaring truths about who the Bible says we are, and who the Bible says God is.

Prior to reading that book, I thought I was pretty good at speaking life and positive things over my circumstances, but, not long into reading it, I soon discovered just how often I chose to put myself down, how often I chose to look at the negatives in my own life and the lives of others, and how often I allowed negative words spoken over me by other people to become part of who I was. As I worked through the 40 days, I began breaking off previous mind sets, lies and other stumbling blocks that had prevented me from moving forward into all that God has in store for me. My life has forever been changed.

Proverbs 18:27 says “The Power of life and death is in the tongue” – What are you speaking over yourself? Life? Death? What would it look like if we changed the way we spoke about situations and circumstances, or the words we speak over others? Paul makes it clear that we should be encouraging and edifying others, building the church up, speaking life. Let’s transform our words, let’s shake things up, only when we transform ourselves can we truly transform others around us.

If you’re anywhere near Glasgow next October 16th and 17th, I strongly encourage you to come and hear all that Steve Backlund has to say. This event could change your life! You can get more info by clicking here 

Hope to see you then!


Last Sunday I had the incredible opportunity to preach at a church in the beautiful town of Pitlochry, such an amazing part of the country filled with some of the friendliest folks around. After the service, we had a time for people to come up and receive prayer for healing. The first lady we prayed for had arthritis in her shoulder, which caused pain as well as clicking in her joints there. As we prayed, she began to feel the pain leave her shoulder, much to her surprise. We prayed again, and the clicking had completely gone. She was blown away by the Goodness of God. God honours the prayers said with expectancy. When we partner with Him and release healing, rather than plead for it, He is moved by our faith in who He is, it’s in His very nature to bring healing to all who come to Him.

I then had the absolute privilege to pray for a man who turns 90 next year. I was amazed at this man, his faith, his testimony, his love of God and the hunger he had showed throughout his life. Here was a man, who although almost 90, understood that as long as he is alive on this earth, God still has a plan and desire for him to live a pain free life.

Too often I see people accepting their sickness or pain as just a way of life and something they have to put up with, rather than believing that God has more in store for them. You are not too old to receive healing. This man understood that. He knew that one touch from God and his shoulders would be healed.

What struck me was this man’s hunger for God, which he had shown throughout his life, constantly seeking out more of God. I was almost in tears as he was telling me his testimony, his hearts desire to know God and to experience what it means to be born again. It was this hunger that had brought him up to receive prayer from me on Sunday. May we never lose our hunger for God. May we never become content with what we have. You are never too old to receive a fresh touch from the Lord, whether its healing you need, or breakthrough in another area, stir up your hunger for God, seek Him out and, as the Bible says, He will be found. He loves to be found. He loves to reveal His love and passion for you, His desire for you to be healed and set free.


The Bible says in Matthew 19:26, “…with God all things are possible.” What is deemed impossible by man and the world around us, God sees as possible. Do we believe that? It can be easy to not believe that and see the situation we are faced with as an impossible one, and almost conform to the fact that we just cant get around the problem. There is a danger that soon our fears and beliefs about the problem become a bigger problem than the problem. Nothing is impossible with God. Do we believe that?

The truth is that we have a really big, loving, powerful God that wants only good things for those who call on Him. I believe He is inviting us into a time of expecting greater things in our lives. We cannot allow our present or past circumstances or experiences dictate our view of God today. Let’s raise the bar. Let’s expect the impossible in our lives, in our relationships, our finances, our nation.

What if every believer truly believed those words from Jesus; that everything really is possible with God on our side? What would our communities look like then?

When it comes to healing, something I am passionate about seeing everywhere I go, do we pray with an expectation that God is about to do something, or do we pray in a way that we give God an excuse to not show up? Where is the power in that? We have the same power that rose Christ from the grave living within us, when we pray, we pray with that power moving in and through us. We don’t pray in the hope that God will show up, He already has and is living within us. We pray with the assurance and expectation that our prayers are powerful, that our prayers are heard by God, and that no matter what the outcome of our prayers, we know that something has happened. God is at work. Expect great things from Him.

So this week, let’s choose to partner with the God of the impossible, let’s not be downhearted about our situation or circumstance, we have a God bigger then that bill we have to pay, bigger than the sickness we are dealing with. Focus on Him, give Him thanks in advance for what He is about to do in your life.

A Family Affair

Last week, my wife planned a series of surprises for my birthday, which turned into birth-week rather than limiting the celebrations to just one day! Each day brought a new surprise, dinner with friends, dinner with just the two of us at a new restaurant round the corner from our flat, and then on Friday a surprise road trip north to see my family up there.

We had 17 family members at my parents house to celebrate my birthday, it was amazing! I love family and value the time I get to spend with them. Life is meant to be lived in community and in families. God created us to be family, to look after one another, to support and encourage each other. The early church in Acts were family, providing for each other’s every need. They understood the value and importance of building a strong community, a strong family.

Emma and I have the incredible blessings of being National Director’s of the Healing Room ministry here in Scotland as well as in Ireland. I feel like I have the best job in the world, I get to travel the country praying for the sick, seeing God bring healing and restoration, as well as training and equipping the local church to do the same. We get to partner with the God of the impossible to bring about His healing and His Kingdom here on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven is not some far off place, it’s actually here, today, now. You can find out more about the ministry at our website – healingrooms-scotland.com

In just a few weeks’ time, we are holding our annual conference through in Glasgow. I’m so excited for this weekend as it’s a time for gathering the family together, whether that’s people who have been a part of healing rooms for years or folk who are just coming to find out more. We are a family, a close community of like minded people who believe that God heals people today. God never intended for us to move through life on our own, or to have to bring healing and restoration by ourselves. We are designed for family. When we move forward together, as a family, we can move forward with raised expectation and anticipation for what God will be doing in our community.




Last night I was reading through Romans 8, quite possibly one of my favourite passages from the Bible, and this time what stood out to me as I read it out aloud was from verse 26, where Paul says “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.” That’s amazing. The Holy Spirit is praying, interceding for us when we don’t know what else to say, or do. He is always petitioning for our situation, our circumstance, our future.

And yet there’s more. Verse 34 says that “Jesus…is at the right hand of God and is ALSO interceding for us.” Not only do we have Holy Spirit praying for us, but we also have Jesus Himself, sitting at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us. We have backup. We have help. We are not alone, God is for us and He is at work for our own good.

When we enter into situations of unease or hardship, we can enter into them in full knowledge that we have all of heaven backing us up. When I pray for the sick, I like to remind myself of this all the time. When I pray, something is happening. I also pray in the knowledge that I have backup. God is not calling us out to do something and then takes a step back to leave us on our own.

This week, we (Healing Rooms Scotland) are heading into the countries largest music festival, in Kinross. There will be over 100,000 people there over the course of 3 days. We are going in to offer prayer, support and to tell others of the Good News. We go in there in the full awareness of who we are, what we carry and that we have all of heaven ready and willing to back up our prayers. I can’t wait to see all that God is going to be doing there over the course of the weekend. Lives will be transformed, changed forever. This is the first time we have ever been able to get into such a festival, one that is notorious for excessive drinking, among other things. We get to release light, release the answer. This country will never be the same again. We go in with heaven behind us, cheering us on, interceding on our behalf.

Whatever your situation this week, know that you have Holy Spirit and Jesus interceding for YOU today. You are well loved by God, He has got your back.

It’s always God’s will to heal

The title says it all, really. It really is that simple, God is always out to bring healing and restoration to mind, body and soul. He never intended for us to live with sickness or pain in our body, yet the world wants to tell us otherwise, and to tell us we just have to put up with it. Even for many Christians, they hold the view that God dishes sickness out to teach them a lesson. If God is a good God who wants good things for His children (Matt 7:9-11), then why would He want to strike us with a sickness that prevents us from having an abundant life? It’s always God’s will to heal.

And yet we live in a tension of it being kingdom here on earth yet not fully, and so we are faced with sickness, we are faced with pain. I hate sickness and pain. And so does God, which is why it’s always His will to heal.

On Sunday I got to talk at a church and lead a healing service, and God, in His faithfulness, came with power. There were a number of people healed, from an old lady with sore neck and shoulder pain, to a teenage girl suffering from severe back pain. Both left that service pain free. Because it’s always God’s will to heal.

Well, you may ask, if it is God’s will to heal, why am I not yet healed? My answer to that is… I don’t know. I don’t know why we see so many healings break out and yet some are left with pain. In my own body I still am waiting for pain and sickness to leave, but until it does, and even once it has left, I will not stop trusting God that He is our healer. I refuse to take offense at God for healing the person I pray for and yet not healing me. God is not striking me with sickness to teach me a lesson. Sickness does not come from Him. As each day passes, I get one day closer to receiving my healing. I will focus solely on what God is doing.

If you have sickness or pain in your body, just put your hand on the area that hurts, and speak to the pain, command it to leave in Jesus’ name. Remember, as it says in the book of James, “the prayer of the righteous person is powerful and effective.” You are righteous because God calls you righteous, therefore it is impossible for you to pray and have nothing happen, whether you receive healing instantly or it is the beginning of the process, all you need to do is to remember that when you pray, something happens!