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A Family Affair

Last week, my wife planned a series of surprises for my birthday, which turned into birth-week rather than limiting the celebrations to just one day! Each day brought a new surprise, dinner with friends, dinner with just the two of us at a new restaurant round the corner from our flat, and then on Friday a surprise road trip north to see my family up there.

We had 17 family members at my parents house to celebrate my birthday, it was amazing! I love family and value the time I get to spend with them. Life is meant to be lived in community and in families. God created us to be family, to look after one another, to support and encourage each other. The early church in Acts were family, providing for each other’s every need. They understood the value and importance of building a strong community, a strong family.

Emma and I have the incredible blessings of being National Director’s of the Healing Room ministry here in Scotland as well as in Ireland. I feel like I have the best job in the world, I get to travel the country praying for the sick, seeing God bring healing and restoration, as well as training and equipping the local church to do the same. We get to partner with the God of the impossible to bring about His healing and His Kingdom here on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven is not some far off place, it’s actually here, today, now. You can find out more about the ministry at our website – healingrooms-scotland.com

In just a few weeks’ time, we are holding our annual conference through in Glasgow. I’m so excited for this weekend as it’s a time for gathering the family together, whether that’s people who have been a part of healing rooms for years or folk who are just coming to find out more. We are a family, a close community of like minded people who believe that God heals people today. God never intended for us to move through life on our own, or to have to bring healing and restoration by ourselves. We are designed for family. When we move forward together, as a family, we can move forward with raised expectation and anticipation for what God will be doing in our community.