This morning, as I left the train station for a meeting, I noticed a rather angry looking and sounding seagull above me on the street light. As it loudly squawked at me, it then began a series of dive bomb attacks on me, each time getting a little bit closer to making contact. As I made a hasty get away from my attacker, I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculous situation I found myself in, made even more funny by the conversation I had with a friend only last night. This friend is an anaesthetist, and was telling us of how common it has been during his time working in A&E for people to come in exhibiting seagull related injuries, from overly aggressive birds. 

Later on in the day, as I returned to the station for my train home, this time with a work colleague ( safety in numbers), we noticed the same seagull sitting atop its perch on the street light. As we approached, we laughed at the thought of it once again preparing for attack, and my colleague made the comment of how can we fear being attacked by a bird, even though it was relatively big, but by comparison to us, it should be an easy victory for us. Sometimes the attacker seems to be indestructible, swooping and squawking at us, we can become intimidated and forget that actually we  are more than capable of victory. 

Really it’s the same in our lives when faced with an attack from Satan, the enemy. Whether it be by words, thoughts, feelings, fears, doubts, whatever his tactics are of trying to intimidate us, remember that we already carry the victory. Our God is bigger. Through he may make loud noises and swoop down to try and scare us off, he is, in fact, nothing more than a pest, a scavenger with the sole desire of pushing us off course. Well, today I choose not to allow fear to cause distress or anxiety for the road ahead. 

We sometimes make the mistake of thinking the devil is on the same level of God, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 


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