Keep on Trucking

Well, quite the week we have had in the UK. First, the result of the vote, a self imposed exiting of the preverbial building and into a season of unknowns… and then England getting knocked out of Europe for a second time in a week by being beaten by Iceland! 

Whatever way you voted last week, the result stands and there is now going back. We have a choice of what to do when faced with the facts of a rapidly de-valuing currency, with the potential of being hit by another recession. Do we succumb to fear? play the blame game? Or do we instead look to God and trust in Him during this time? 

It can be easy to very quickly blame others for our predicament, or to join in on the scare mongering, but, if we are to be true representations of Christ here on earth, how is that any different from the worlds response? It’s sad to see on certain social media outlets church and ministry leaders using this time as an opportunity to share their political views and how, by signing petitions, we can bring about change. The biggest change we can bring about is through our actions during this time. We, as Christians, need to be beacons of hope and vision for the future, not to be swayed this way or that. If we give in to that then we are no different. Let’s not view this as a disaster, but an opportunity to partner with God in moving forward. What will it look like? I don’t know. Will it be easy? Possibly not. Jesus never said it would. But He did say we would never be in lack. He did encourage us not to be anxious but to keep our eyes fixed on things above. 

Whatever you voted last week, we need to keep our eyes on Jesus, become distributors of hope and get excited, because God is about to move in a way we have never before seen. We are in days of uncertainty, that’s for sure, but what is certain and true is that God is for you, He’s not sitting in heaven concerned about how we’re going to get through this, He is sitting waiting to give us wisdom, strength and vision for moving forward. 


One comment

  1. Michele

    Amen and amen! Exciting days to see what God will do and great opportunity to hold out hope to the despairing and expectation of seeing God doing a new thing here.

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