While we Wait…

This afternoon I watched my wife get wheeled off into surgery, the second time this year, for what we hope/expect to be the final thing that needs to happen before she receives full healing in her back. After the experience we had back in January with the first surgery, we were a little aprehensive about returning to the same hospital as before. Although this time around, we are fully prepared and expectant that God will bring about healing, one way or the other. 

So, while I wait the four or so hours to hear news and be reunited with Emma, I choose to wait filled with His Peace and Presence. Waiting can be painful. Waiting can be overwhelming, if we let it. It’s a choice, and today I choose to wait from His Presence and Peace. 

There has been a lot of comments made to me over the last few months “You’re the Director of Healing Rooms, surely you can heal her back…” As if healing had something to do with me! Of course, we have prayed many times over the months for her healing, continuing to hold on to Hope, but whether God wanted to heal her supernaturally or through the hands of the doctors, doesn’t much matter to me. He is still good. It’s still His will to heal. Just last week we had a report back from a lady I prayed for who, for 42 years had suffered from Endometriosis. As I prayed for her, she felt nothing. It wasn’t until the next day when she woke up, pain and sickness free, for the first time in 42 years. 

We live in a world full of tension – Kingdom here but not fully, where some recieve full healing while others still wait their turn. I wont let my circumstance and situation change my view of who God is. God is who He and the Bible say He is, and not who my circumstance may try and tell me He is. 

This morning, Emma and I chose Joy over fear, Peace over anxiety, and I remain filled with that. It’s in our waiting that we often grow the most. So these last six months, I have grown a lot! 

So, whatever you are waiting for today, do it from a place of Peace and Expectancy that God is at work…because He is. 



  1. tjustincomer

    Waiting is being on the backside of the desert, where you are in obscurity and the most people ask about you is, “Whatever happened to…?” Any form of waiting is difficult, because it forces us to simply be at peace with being instead of doing. We must simply rest in being who God has caused us to be at this time. It is upon the backside of the desert that Moses received his call, and that same backside of the desert that Elijah fled to from Jezebel. It signifies obscurity, yes, but also the development of character and commission.
    Grace and peace, dear brother. You have our prayers here in Ohio.

  2. Michele

    Inspirational. God is at work and he will be exalted in this through yours and Emma’s expectant faith, peace and joy. Bless you in the waiting room, and on the operating table.

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