30 Days of Encouragement

On November 26th, I am planning on beginning 30 Days of Encouragement, where I aim to encourage at least one person every day, whether it’s through a simple text, email or in person, and then on the 30th day, which will be Christmas Day, I plan to give a present to someone I feel God has highlighted to me along with a word of encouragement to them. My aim for this is so that this becomes a way of life and not just a cool thing to do once in a while. I want to continue on doing this well passed the 30 days.

I have created a new page on this blog site which will be dedicated to this task and where I will post daily updates and testimonies of what happened that day. I’m really excited about starting this and I also want to invite you all to join me on this too. What would the world look like if we simply encouraged people every day and spoke to the potential within them, the gifts that God has placed inside of them?

If you are interested in joining me on this, or want to follow my progress, simply click on the 30 Days of Encouragement page at the top of the site to read more.


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