The Bible says in Matthew 19:26, “…with God all things are possible.” What is deemed impossible by man and the world around us, God sees as possible. Do we believe that? It can be easy to not believe that and see the situation we are faced with as an impossible one, and almost conform to the fact that we just cant get around the problem. There is a danger that soon our fears and beliefs about the problem become a bigger problem than the problem. Nothing is impossible with God. Do we believe that?

The truth is that we have a really big, loving, powerful God that wants only good things for those who call on Him. I believe He is inviting us into a time of expecting greater things in our lives. We cannot allow our present or past circumstances or experiences dictate our view of God today. Let’s raise the bar. Let’s expect the impossible in our lives, in our relationships, our finances, our nation.

What if every believer truly believed those words from Jesus; that everything really is possible with God on our side? What would our communities look like then?

When it comes to healing, something I am passionate about seeing everywhere I go, do we pray with an expectation that God is about to do something, or do we pray in a way that we give God an excuse to not show up? Where is the power in that? We have the same power that rose Christ from the grave living within us, when we pray, we pray with that power moving in and through us. We don’t pray in the hope that God will show up, He already has and is living within us. We pray with the assurance and expectation that our prayers are powerful, that our prayers are heard by God, and that no matter what the outcome of our prayers, we know that something has happened. God is at work. Expect great things from Him.

So this week, let’s choose to partner with the God of the impossible, let’s not be downhearted about our situation or circumstance, we have a God bigger then that bill we have to pay, bigger than the sickness we are dealing with. Focus on Him, give Him thanks in advance for what He is about to do in your life.


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