How much are you worth? I’m not talking about how much you have or how much you earn, forget about that for now, what are you worth? Without money and possessions, some of us could find it hard to answer that question, and there can be the danger of thinking of ourselves as being worth nothing without worldly things.

The world would love to tell us that without these things, without personal gains and riches, we aren’t really worth all that much, nobody would really want to rob someone who has nothing to rob in the first place.

However, the Kingdom of God’s perspective is a little different. The Kingdom perspective on our worth and worthiness is not dependent on our material possessions (thankfully!) nor or bank accounts (again, thankfully!). Instead, Kingdom perspective is that we are worth dying for, at least that’s what Jesus thought of us. We didn’t even have to clean up our mess before He did it, He just went and did it for us. Why? Because we are worthy. We are worthy to receive all that God has for us. We are worthy to live a life of abundance and not lack. The Bible talks a lot about that, we actually lack nothing.

The enemy would love to tell us that we are not worthy to receive anything, and that we should just stay quiet and keep a low profile. The trouble with believing this lie is that when someone wants to bless us with a gift or with money, we have a hard time receiving it because we don’t feel like we have earned it. And that would be right in most cases, we haven’t earned it, it’s a free gift. Receiving a blessing from someone not only blesses us, but the giver too, as they probably have given out of feeling led by the Lord. I wonder how many times we miss an answer to prayer because our pride gets in the way of receiving a gift from someone.

We weren’t worthy to receive eternal life, but God has gifted it to us anyway. So what does God see in us that we perhaps miss?

God made us. He made us in His image and above all else that He created, He said that we were very good. God placed gifts within each of us, will we use them or lose them?

In 1 Corinthians 1:9 Paul says that God created us for partnership with Jesus. Partnership, not a dictatorship. Think of this as a business partnership. If you were to partner with someone in your business, you would partner with that person because you see in them the strengths and potential they have in bringing your business forward. You wouldn’t want to partner with someone who then withheld their strengths and gifts, would you? In the same way, Jesus wants to partner with you because He sees in you the true potential, the gifts that God actually placed inside of you. For us to hide them away or feel we are unworthy we are essentially rejecting who God has made us to be. Don’t hide away what God has placed inside of you. If you don’t know what God has placed inside of you, ask Him.

You are worthy because God made you worthy, not because of anything you have done or earned.


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