Under your feet

It’s amazing how you can read a verse a million times and then when you read it again, something new jumps out at you. This morning during my time with God, I was drawn to read Romans 16:20:

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”

That’s the NIV version of that verse. I also have the Source version, in which the verse reads like this:

“The God of peace will beat Adversary to a jelly under your feet soon!”

Ha, I like that version a lot. God will beat satan to a jelly under my feet! It’s amazing to read a verse like this, and remind ourselves that God is fighting for us.

How many times do we try and take on the enemy on our own, thinking we have to battle against him when actually God is more than willing, able and ready to lay down a beating on him for us! We have God fighting on our side, we just need to let Him do it, and know that as He fights for us, we get to receive His peace in the situation, knowing that the victory is already ours.

What really jumped out to me from this verse this morning was that the enemy is actually under our feet. So many times we elevate him to being at the same level or even bigger than us, perhaps even bigger than God, when all the while he is beneath our feet!

The biggest victory the enemy has is in convincing us that he is actually bigger and more powerful than he really is, and that he has more influence in our lives. The reality is that he only has the power and authority in our lives in the areas in which we give him authority. He’s actually beneath our feet, and it’s only a matter of time before the God of peace crushes him like a jelly!

So, this week we get to move forward, stamping our feet in his head, fresh in the knowledge that we have all of heaven backing us up, we have the God of peace ready to beat satan to a pulp for us, that’s Good News, that’s something to get excited about! Feel like you are fighting battles on your own? Get ready, get excited, God is about to break through.

We just get to align ourselves to the truth that God is for us, not against us.


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