Today, while on the train traveling back to Edinburgh, I was reading in the Bible a passage from Philippians. I came across verse 14 from the first chapter, which God really seemed to highlight to me…

Because of my imprisonment, the majority of the fellow believers, followers of The Lord, have become confident to speak the Word with excessive daring and fearlessness!

I love how God uses all things for good. The enemy tried to shut down what He was doing by having Paul thrown in prison, but all he really succeeded in doing was to spur on fellow believers to speak out about God with outrageous boldness!

Many people may have feared that with Paul in prison, the early church would soon crumble and fall apart. The opposite seemed to happen, and Paul rejoiced in the fact that even with him in prison, the Word of God was being preached with great confidence.

It is impossible for the enemy to win. It is impossible for him to shut down what God is doing. However, it is possible for him to cast doubt in our minds over whether or not God is still at work in our lives, if we allow him to. We need to resist his lies, hold fast to the truth and remember that it is actually impossible for the enemy to shut down a move of God. God flipped what the enemy had done on its head and as a result, many of the followers Paul had under his care began their own ministries. The enemy actually helped to advance the kingdom of God! We get to use what the enemy throws at us as a launching pad to catapult us forward into what God has for us!

So, if you are experiencing a negative feeling or difficult situation today, take a step back, get God’s perspective and flip that what the enemy is attempting to do on it’s head. What he may shut down in one area of your life only gives way for abundant life to happen in other areas. He isn’t even fighting a losing battle, the battle has already been lost by him and you are walking in full victory.

John 16:33 Jesus says “In the world you will have oppression. But be brave! I have had the victory over the world!”

Jesus has had the victory, it’s already done, whatever our situation, we get to be brave, to move forward with extreme confidence in who God is, and to flip any attempt from the enemy to derail us on its head. Be brave. The victory is already ours.


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  1. Michele

    Absolutely. John 14: Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God…trust also in Jesus. It’s finished Jesus declared and how true that is. It’s the trusting and the bravery that we need Holy Spirit help for. Thanks for the encouragement.

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