Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to travel around the country, ministering and training up people to minister. What has struck me is just how much God is on the move across this country, and indeed around the world. This is an exciting time to be alive. There is a move of God happening that will not be stopped, and there is an invitation for us to get involved with the movement. That can be a scary thing, or that can be an exciting thing, depending on our perspective. As I travel around the country, I get to see God move in powerful ways, as He releases His healing touch to those we pray for. Just recently we have seen broken toes healed, back and hip pain leave, shoulder and neck pain instantly leave, and many more instances of healing, both physical and emotional. God is definitely on the move.

We are invited to join with God in a movement that cannot be stopped, so how will we respond? There is a danger that we become familiar with what God seems to be doing, and so we allow ourselves to get comfortable with where we are and instead of pressing on for more, we become stagnant and miss out on what God wants to do in our community.

Faith requires movement. Let’s move forward together, full of faith, full of expectation for what God will do next. God has started something that cannot be stopped, so let’s join in with what He is doing, let’s see His love be unleashed wherever we go. Let’s get involved with the ministry of reconciliation, bringing back the lost into relationship with the Father. God’s not mad at them, He’s madly in love with them, and through us, He gets to reveal that to them.


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