What if what we had experienced of God was only just the beginning? What if there was more to God than what the church was moving in today? Imagine what our country, our world would look like if we had more of God…

Well, the Bible tells us that there is no limit to God, there is always more, always deeper levels of His love, His grace, His presence, His faithfulness, His power. Isaiah 9:7 tells us that “Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.” In Genesis, God created, and He hasn’t stopped creating ever since then.

Paul writes about it in Ephesians, praying that they would come to know the “love that surpasses all knowledge”. The moment we become familiar with God is the moment we stop pressing in for more of Him, instead becoming content with the way we are today. But what if God was inviting us into deeper levels of relationship with Him? What if God had so much more available for us, and all we needed to do was press in to Him a little bit more?

I remember hearing a story about a man during the gold rush time in California. He spent years and years mining away to no avail, and after years of finding no gold, he gave up and returned to his home town. A little while later, another man came across the mine this guy had been working in, and took up where he left off. After mining several feet deeper, he struck gold, lots of gold. If that first man had just dug a little deeper, he would have uncovered enough gold to last a lifetime and beyond. It’s time to dig a little deeper, breakthrough is coming.

It excites and amazes me to think that there is more of God, having already experienced so much of Him, to think that I am only scratching the surface is incredible.

So today I encourage you to dig a little deeper with God. Not been hearing from Him? Maybe He is inviting you into deeper levels with Him and you are almost there. Don’t give up. Don’t stop now. Keep going, because there is always more.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, because they will be filled.



One comment

  1. Sharon Brooks

    The more I serve you, the more I want to serve. The more I love you, the more I love. The clearer I see you, the more I realize there is to see. Becoming so use to seeing what the eyes cannot, sometimes witnessing perhaps what only a heart can, leaves me knowing… my home is a lot bigger than this.

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