Jehovah Jirah

Jehovah Jirah, the Lord is your provider. That’s how the Israelites knew God, they had seen Him provide for them time and again, even when they didn’t deserve it. God was their provider. God is our provider today. His character has never changed from then until now, He still is a God who over abundantly provides for those whose trust is in Him. 

Last week, my wife and I returned from our honeymoon to Malaysia. We had a great time over there but were excited to return to Edinburgh and begin married life together. As we returned home, we were faced with the reality of me being out of work, which, if we had let it, could have robbed us of our joy and our peace. However, I am determined to not let something like that happen to us, no matter what the situation we are faced with.

Within three days of being back in Scotland, I had myself a job, which I am very excited about, and which I cannot talk about until I start officially in January. God provided me with an incredible job opportunity. He is our provider.

And yet we find ourselves in a position where I still have no income until I start the job, something which again, if we let it, could rob us of our joy and our peace. If we forget who God is and what He has done for us already, then a situation like this could indeed be very scary. But I refuse to do that. Each morning, we say declarations reminding ourselves of who God is and who we are in God. God richly provides all our financial needs, I have seen it time and again, and I believe it still to be true today. I may not have income at the moment, but He will still make a way for us.

I was reading 2 Corinthians chapter 9 the other day. What an incredible chapter that is! Verse 8, in the “Source” version of the New Testament, says “God has the power to cause all kinds of gifts to overflow to you, so that you will be independently wealthy  in all things at all times, and will have much left over for every good work.” Wow. That’s crazy. God not only supplies us with our needs, but He gives us more than enough so that we will have much leftover to carry out good work. God is our provider. He is our abundant provider. He is always faithful and true. He is always with us and always for us. No matter what situation we are faced with, no matter what the “problem” is, we need to remind ourselves of just how big our God really is, and just how for us He is. He has not taken you this far just to leave you in the lurch. Nothing you are faced with is a surprise to God. Lean into Him, trust in Him in all your ways, and He will make your paths straight. 

So, this week, we are choosing to focus solely on God and His love for us and His provision for us. God is our provider, it’s time to give Him room to provide. 


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  1. Michele Morrison

    Love that wording. Lean into God. I’m leaning and he isn’t giving way. What a powerful provider we have. X

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