On Monday, Emma and I were given the keys to our new flat on the south side of Edinburgh. Until our wedding next month, I will stay here while Emma stays at her parents place just a few minutes drive.

Since receiving the keys, we have been busy turning it into our home, making countless trips up and down the stairs whilst carrying a multitude of boxes. There is something about setting up a home that brings peace to my soul. Even though I will be traveling again at the weekend to Holland and Belgium, I know that I will come back to a home, my home.

There is a song Emma and I love right now which has the lyrics “home is wherever I’m with you”. Such a simple line and yet it carries a lot of truth to it in regards to our relationship with God. Regardless of the season we find ourselves in right now, whether we are transitioning into something new or are happily settled, we can rest in the knowledge that wherever we are, whatever we are going through, we are home. In God we have our home. In Him we have our shelter, our refuge and our strength.

The world would love to tell us that you need this or that in order to feel at home, kingdom living tells you that you are already home, and so is God because He makes His home in you. That’s a crazy thought to think about, that I am, that you are, so loved, so cherished, so adored by God that He makes His home in you/us!

So, whatever you are faced with today, take a step back, take a deep breath, and remember, you are already home. God is right there with you and will never leave you nor abandon you. He is a God who only speaks life into every situation. I was reading Isaiah 55 this morning and in that chapter God is revealing that His words do not return to Him without fulfilling their purpose, just like the rain falls from the sky to bring life and growth so His words fall on us to bring life and growth. Verse 12 says that once you receive this, you will leave with joy and be led out in peace!

So may you go out in joy and be led forth in peace today. May you feel the power and presence of God at work in your life and may you feel at home, wherever you are and whatever you are faced with.


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