Spiritual Massage

Since returning to Scotland, I have begun working with a friend of mine doing gardening and landscaping across Edinburgh. I have learned something during my time as a gardener…I know very little about plants and bushes, always pleased when I get asked to just cut the grass rather than deal with any of the shrubbery with funny names.

I do however have to do my fair share of weeding, which only now, after four weeks of working, am I starting to get to grips with which is a weed and which is a flower. I remain quietly confident that no flowers have been harmed during my gardening tenure, and pray that that can continue!

After five weeks of lifting lawn mowers in and out of vans, sculpting hedges and pulling weeds, my back was beginning to feel the toll of all the manual labour. So, yesterday, while away with my future in-laws in St. Andrews, I booked myself in for a massage to help work out the knots that had made their way into my back.

Massage’s are great, whoever invented them should get a plaque or something. It’s hard to put into words just how good it feels when leaving the session, knowing that some damage has been done to those pesky knots.

Everyone should get a massage regularly, if I had it my way, I would have one at least once a week. My whole back felt so light as I left the spa yesterday, tension had been released, and freedom once again restored to parts of my back.

It’s funny how we can carry around such tension and pain without ever doing anything about it, thinking that it’s just something we have to put up with.

God is inviting us in for a spiritual massage, He is calling us into His spa, where He can remove any hurts or pains, tensions or feelings of disconnect, and replace them with His unending love, direction and strength. There is a danger that we put off looking after ourselves, instead choosing to put others first. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless it becomes a habit. Paul warned the church in Galatia not to become weary with doing good works, he saw the need for rest, he saw the importance of putting ourselves first in order to be able to move forward.

As we position ourselves to receive from God, whether we find that easy or a struggle to find the time or space needed, we focus our time and attention on Him and allow His presence to fill us once again. We will never be the same again.

As my massage came to an end yesterday, the lady placed a warm towel around my back. As she did that, I had a picture of this being God wrapping His love around me. God is longing to wrap us up in His love, He is longing to give us a spiritual massage, to work out the tensions, pain or hurt that we might be holding on to, and to wrap us up in His love. Will you take the time to allow Him to do that for you this week?





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