I stood there, staring intently at it, manically looking around for some sort of weapon to defend myself with. It stared back at me, with all eight of it’s eyes. Finally, I used the paintbrush in my hand to beat it down from its lofty position on the wall next to me. I was in my worst nightmare. I was round the back of the garage. After battling through bushes, squeezing between walls and trying not to be attacked by the neighbours dog,  I finally made it to the back side of the garage. Yes, my painting exploits continue, but the end is firmly in sight, praise the Lord.

Now, two things scare me more than anything in this world, snakes and spiders. And yesterday, it was the latter that was wreaking havoc on my usually peace-filled spirit. I felt claustrophobic standing between two garages fighting off spiders in every direction I looked. “Why did you create such creatures?” was among the many questions I put before the Lord. I am still awaiting an answer on that one. As I tried to gather myself together and get on with the painting, I remembered something a friend of mine in Seattle would always say when in a time of trouble – “You’re still breathing, you’ll be OK”. And indeed I was OK. Despite my intense fear of these eight legged beasts, I managed to get done what I needed to and survived to face another day.

That other day was today, when I once again had to return to the dark side of the garage. Only this time my peace had once again been returned to me. This time, fear had no place within me. I was reminded of something today. When faced with fear, we have a choice. We can either turn and run, or meet our fear’s head on, knowing that breakthrough is waiting on the other side. Now, my dislike of spiders is still strong, don’t get me wrong I have no plans for buying a pet tarantula. But, I don’t have to let this fear control me or rob me of my peace. As I worked out there today, I thought of where in 1 John he talks about perfect love casting out all fear. God is love, and when His love is within us, fear has no place. That doesn’t mean that we never face fears again, but it does mean that we have something, someone to fight with us through our fear. I hope that makes sense, because when we fully get this, we should no longer be gripped by what scares us, unable to move forward, instead we should look upon these situations with joy, joy that on the other side of it, there is breakthrough, if we just keep moving.

Yesterday, I kept thinking of Psalm 23 – “even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” David, who wrote the Psalm, knew that there would be times when he would be walking through the valley, but he also knew that he had nothing to fear, because God had already given him everything he needed to make it through the valley. He also knew that when he was in the valley, the important thing to do would be to keep walking, and not stop and linger!

Fear has no place in you, don’t allow it to stop you from receiving all God has for you.


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