For the last week and a bit, I have been painting my grandma’s house, a job I drastically understated in the months leading up to me beginning this project. Currently, I am about half way through this en devour, and  just today was battling through the front yard, negotiating in/around the bushes, all the while being watched carefully by a gang of inquisitive lizards. I was even approached this morning by a neighbour inquiring as to whether I would be interested in painting her house too.

Despite the pain in my hands from holding a brush, and the crink in my neck from looking up at the eves whilst balancing on a ladder, I have somewhat enjoyed my time as a professional painter. There is a certain amount of satisfaction gained in seeing something that was once old, dirty, worn out, being transformed into something new, something clean. I can only imagine the sheer joy God must feel when His children respond to His pursuit and allow Him into their lives. He is the master Creator, the master at making all things new. Imagine what He could create with you.

Tomorrow I hope to get the front side of the house completed. Focusing one side at a time has helped me to not become overwhelmed with the amount of painting I have to do. I have found that every time I look ahead to all that needs to be done, I feel my heart sink a little, and yet when I can remain focused on each step, I manage to complete it at a faster rate than I thought. Anytime we begin to lose heart over a situation or task, we just need to take a step back, and re-focus on what is right in front of us. God works like this too, He only let’s us in on what He has planned for us at just the right time, knowing full well that if we knew the big picture, we might very well freak out and run the other direction.

So, this week, what needs a paint job in your life? God is the master of making all things new, allow Him to show you.



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