Healing in Jamaica

We arrived here Thursday evening late after and epic trip from California. Since then we have held a three day conference on healing and intimacy with God.

Friday night we saw at least 50 people healed as God moved through the church. A mans leg grew out an inch. Back pain, headache, knee pain and many more all healed. I also had a man come and show me text messages sent back and forth between him and his friend. His friend had a fever, and as he texted her with testimonies of what God was doing in the church, she experienced healing from her fever! So good.

Another man was allergic to water, which meant evrytime he showered or even sweated he would come up in a rash. During worship on Saturday.morning he noticed he was sweating a lot. Only this time he had no rash anywhere! He has since been taking showers with no fear of breaking out in a rash!

God is really good. Miracles are normal in Jamaica.

Yesterday we took to the streets and saw at least four people come into relationship with God as well as many healing including a man who felt his cancer tumors. We literally robbed hell and populated heaven! God is moving here.

I wish i had time to write all that God has done so far on this trip, but we are about to head out into the rural area for a week of ministry. Can’t wait to see what happens it there.


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