Jamaica Bound

Down to my last few hours in Redding before we begin the trek down to Jamaica. I am so excited to this trip and all that we will get to do while down there, I have even almost finished packing my bags.

This is an amazing time of year when Bethel students head out and travel to the corners of the world to preach the Good News, heal the sick and set the captives free. It’s incredible to think of the some 2000 students and leaders all over the world right now and in the coming days. We are sharing a bus from here to the airport with two other groups, eager to arrive at their destination and put what they have been learning here to use. All for the glory of God. The Kingdom of heaven is advancing rapidly, it really is a good time to be alive.

My hope is to update this blog while in country, but considering I will be staying out in the country, I am not expecting to have access to the internet. I am sure I will have numerous testimonies of God’s goodness to fill you all in with upon my return.

I am believing the Lord for healings, salvations, people’s mind’s to be opened to the love of God, and much more while in Jamaica. God really loves that country, and is already doing some amazing things there. We just get to partner with Him and see Him at work!

This Saturday night I will be teaching on healing, and I cannot wait to see what God will do that night.


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