Red Velvet

My friend and I stood there in awe of the deliciously tempting Red Velvet and chocolate chip cookies right in front of us in the store last night. “They look amazing”, I said out loud, just as a lady was walking past. This caught her attention, and she came over to have a look at what we were staring at. “Red Velvet everywhere these days!” she said to me.

What happened next was amazing, we began talking to this woman, and as we were doing this, I felt like she had pain in her neck. She did. In fact, she had pain all over her body as a result of a car accident last summer. “How did you know that?” She asked me. That is the question every evangelist wants to hear while out ministering. I began to tell her how sometimes when I am talking to people God will tell me where the person is experiencing pain in their body, because He wants them to know that He sees them, and wants to heal them. The woman was amazed, and was ready for us to pray for her, we had all but forgotten about those delicious looking cookies.

We ended up ministering to this woman for 30 minutes, and ended up walking her to her car as she experienced God’s power and love healing her body. When it was time to leave, I thanked her for trusting us and letting us pray for her. “I would never normally have done that” she said “but for some reason, I felt like it was ok.”

As we were turning to leave, we saw a homeless man curled up under his jacket trying to keep warm. We ended up taking this young man for coffee as we listened intently to his life story and how he had come to be sleeping outside a store in Redding. Love looks like different things for different people. For the lady, it looked like getting her pain healed. For this guy, all he wanted was for someone to listen to him and to interact with him. Love looks like different things, but it does look like something.

We never did get those Red Velvet cookies, maybe next time…


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