Oh, Canada

Yesterday I returned to Redding after a six day trip to the Vancouver area in Canada. What an amazing trip, such a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. My life will never be the same again from the trip. I had the privilege of traveling with the director of the healing rooms at Bethel, and really learned so much from watching how he operated and listening to him preach 4 days in a row! God is on the move up in Canada, and it was exciting to be a part of what is happening up there.

We started the trip by talking at a school of ministry on Thursday morning, where the interns I was traveling with shared with the room before calling the four of us second year students up to prophesy over some of the students. During the whole service, I had been feeling like God wanted me to sing a prophetic song over a lady! I had never done anything like that before, and the thought of singing down a microphone in front of a room full of people was not exactly something that excited me. But, as I stood at the front, I kept hearing words of a song God was putting into my mind to sing over the unsuspecting lady. I knew I had to sing, it was one of those moments where you know God is talking to you, and you know you have to be obedient to what He says. So, this time, I obeyed…

It was incredible to speak to the woman afterwards and hear how the words in the song I had sung to her meant so much to what she was going through in her own life. On a personal level, it meant so much to me, as I have always remembered what a primary teacher once said to me about my singing voice and how bad she thought it was. It’s funny how things you pick up when you are young can stick to you and have such an effect on you through life, whether positive or negative. Thursday was a day of breakthrough not only for the lady, but also for me, as I pushed past the fear of singing in public and took a step out in faith. God is faithful to us, when we step out, He doesn’t leave us on our own, He is with us every step of the way.

It’s interesting as the night before I sang, I woke up with a real sense of an evil spirit in the room with me, holding me down in my bed. After rebuking it, I fell back asleep, but awoke in the morning with a sense of anticipation for what the day held. The devil only bothers us if he is trying to prevent us from moving out into what God has for us. So, I began to get excited about what God was going to do in me and through me that day. My God is bigger then any threats or attacks from the devil. When we are hit with fear or doubt, it’s usually because there is breakthrough on the other side of that fear if we would just push through and deny the devil a victory.

The trip was also full of many incredible healings, from eye sight being restored to a 75 year old man’s leg growing out to the same length as his other one. For 60 years, he had been walking with a limp before God grew his leg out right in front of the church. God is just really good at His job. God is healer, it is always His will to heal those who come to Him.

I returned home yesterday full of renewed passion and love for God, full of hope for healing within my own life, and full of hope for the lives that are continuing to be touched by the awesome presence of God.

Stay classy, Canada.


One comment

  1. mhairimorrison

    amazing experience robs. i had a similar experience of singing at school being told to mime in the choir as i was so off key, so i would have been terrified of singing in public, although perhaps thats what led me to being a mime. xx

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