Family Business

Family is important to me. Family is important to God. He is in the business of bringing restoration and life to families and relationships. Jesus said in Matthew 12:50 “Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” Paul talks about how, when we accept Jesus, we are adopted into God’s family, and made heirs and co-heirs with Christ. As followers of Jesus, we are given the same power and authority as Him since we are brought into the family business! But just what does the family business look like?

Jesus tells us to preach the Good News, to heal the sick and to advance the Kingdom of heaven here on earth. Last weekend I had the opportunity of praying for a lady who had back pain and sore knees. She had the back pain for 13 years, and the knee pain was a result of an operation that went wrong several years ago. As we began to pray for her back, she felt the pain decrease. She then began to bend forward, and could almost touch her feet! We prayed again for her back, and she then felt all the pain leave her body, and had complete freedom of movement. She then moved her knees and realized that it no longer hurt when she moved them in certain ways. Her knee pain had completely gone, and we hadn’t even prayed for them. I guess God is just good at His job. God is the ultimate healer, He could have healed her back without us praying, but instead chose to co-labour with us.

So, family business looks like healing the sick. It also looks like showing love to the people we see everyday. Last Friday night we were driving through a car park and saw a man smoking a cigarette standing by himself. We decided to go talk to him. At first, he was reluctant to talk to us, claiming he didn’t need any help from any Christians. We began to turn away when he had a sudden change of heart and started a conversation with us.

As we were talking with him, I felt God telling me that the man had pain on his right shoulder. So, I asked the man if this was true. Turned out he did have pain there, and was struggling to understand how I could have known that. “Because God loves you and wants to heal that pain right now.” I replied to him. We prayed, he got healed. We ended up speaking with him for 45 minutes. A tough guy with a checkered history, broke down as he couldn’t believe that a group of 3 people on a cold Friday night would stop to talk to him and listen to his stories. Not only did this man receive physical healing to his body, but he felt the tangible presence of God resting upon him. Love looks like something. It looks like stopping for the one and standing in the cold.

This weekend I have the opportunity of going to Oregon to reach more people who need to hear the Good News, receive healing in their bodies and feel the tangible presence of God. I had someone question me today if I had ever seen God, of course I have. I see Him on a daily basis, from the creation around me to the beauty in a person’s eyes when I’m talking to them.



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