Nuts and Eggs.

This past Friday night, I led a team of four first year students out onto the streets in Redding for our weekly Friday night street ministry. That night, we felt led to go first to Dairy Queen, and then onto Target. In DQ, we were able to encourage the two staff members working there, as well as speak truth and life into a family of five who were sitting down enjoying their ice cream. There were no healing’s or miracles in DQ, we didn’t even pray for anyone. But we did speak truth into people’s lives. One of my team members felt like the server had a gift for writing but had become discouraged and stopped writing altogether. She went up and asked him. Turned out all of that was true, and she was able to encourage him to start writing again, that God had given him a voice that needed to be heard. Without saying a single prayer, we left DQ having encouraged nearly 10 people.

We then headed for Target. All last week, I had been on a detox where the only foods I was allowed to eat were fruit, vegetables, fish and nuts. I was out of nuts, so picked up a tub while we walked through the store. Another team member picked up some eggs, and after ministering to a few people along the way, we headed to the checkout. As we were on our way, an employee stopped us to make sure we had found everything alright. We began talking to him, and he asked what we were up to. “Just out encouraging people, and buying some nuts and eggs.” I told him. “That’s funny”, he said, “eggs and nuts are the two things I am allergic to.”

What are the chances of us picking up the very two things this employee was allergic to? Target sells everything from nuts to flat screen TV’s. God had set us up. We had been unconsciously doing a bit of prophetic shopping. We weren’t allowed to pray for the employee as that is against their policy. But we did release a testimony to him of someone being healed of allergies just the day before. There is power in the testimony. The root word of testimony is to “do again”, so by telling the testimony, we were giving God the opportunity to do it again. And I am sure He did. He’s just good like that.


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