Power in the Tongue

I finished reading a book a couple weeks ago by one of the leaders at Bethel, Steve Backlund, where he talks about the power of words and that with them we can literally bring life or death into situations. If I had heard that a few years ago, I might not have believed him, but over the last couple years, I have begun to see the power in the spoken word. Afterall, God spoke all of creation into existance. He spoke us into existance. We are made in His image, and, as believers in Jesus, we have been given power and authority over things here on earth. In the book of James, the writer warns us of the power of the spoken word, and the ability words have to speak things into being.

This past year especially I have seen a number of occasions where I have made a declaration, and either later on in the day or later that week, that declaration has been fulfilled. For example, last Monday I was driving back to my apartment in the morning after spending some quality time in the DMV, and as I was driving I began to think about my upcoming trip to Jamaica. I was thinking about the money I still owe for the trip, and as I was thinking this I spoke out loud “Someone right now is putting money into my trip account”. I stopped off to get a couple things at the store, then headed home to find an email waiting for me. Someone had put $300 into my account, around about the time I made that declaration. There is power in the tongue.

Last Friday night we were preparing to take to the streets for some ministry outreach, and before we did we spent some time in prayer. As we were praying, I said out loud, “Tonight is going to be easy, people are going to come up to us for prayer.” We finished praying, went outside, and literally 1 minute after leaving the building, a man pushing a bike came up to us. He asked us to pray for his friend over in the prayer house by the church. We said we would after we prayed for him. Turned out that as we were praying for him, his back got completely healed and he left with a big smile on his face. People came to us for prayer. There is power in the tongue.

There is a danger that as we look at situations in our life, we look at them negatively, and begin to speak negative words over the particular situation. Doing this could result in shutting down the work of the Holy Spirit. There is power in the tongue, and we must be aware of that. James 5:16 says that the prayers of the righteous man are powerful and effective. Our prayers, our words, carry more weight to them then we may realise.

I am setting a declaration for 2013 that I will only speak words of encouragement, life and hope to situations and people.



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