Advancing the Kingdom

2013 is going to be a pivotal year for taking back strongholds the enemy has held onto, and giving back to God what is rightfully His. The year is only a few days old, but already so much has happened. On Thursday, I got engaged to an amazing woman, after a week of having incredible encounters with God and seeing His hand in our engagement. I will write more about this in the coming week.

Another major event in my life coming up this year is the opportunity I have in heading out to Jamaica in the spring, where we will be teaming up with local churches there and reaching out to the communities around us. I cant wait for this trip. God’s Kingdom is going to be advanced throughout that country. I would love for you to join with me in declaring that this trip will be pivotal in bringing the Kingdom of God to that country.

I have such a desire to see people set free and for them to experience God in their own lives. God is real. God is in love with the world and with us. God is in love with you. He is relentless in His pursuit of you. I get the opportunity to bring this Good News to the people of Jamaica.

If you would like to partner with me on this trip, you can help me raise the funds needed to going there by following the link below

We have the opportunity to partner together, and help advance the Kingdom of God.



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