History with God.

Today is my last day in Southern California before making the long trip back north to Redding, via San Francisco. Tomorrow, we will head off along the famous 101 highway up the coast of California. The road follows the ancient “El Camino Real”, where several hundred years ago, Spanish settlers made their way up the coast, planting churches, or “missions” along the way. I love driving up that road and seeing these missions scattered through out the countryside. For me, they represent devotion to God, along with the desire to reveal to others who God is. These people who set up the missions were fully devoted to a life of following what they believed God was calling them to do. They act as signposts of all God has done in the country for hundreds of years. They act as reminders of the history that people have with the living God.

As we near the end of the year, I plan to spend time reflecting on 2012, a year that has brought so much life to my soul, so much growth in my relationship with God and others. I like to try and go through each month of the year, and look for a signpost, a “mission” that reminds me of what God did in and through me that month that has shaped the way I am today. I want to encourage you to try it out too, or, if you are running out of time, think of a signpost, a highlight, from each season. The summer for me was amazing, being back in Scotland, preaching in several churches and spending time with friends and family. My brothers wedding and the presence of God that was evident throughout the ceremony. The Autumn, or fall, saw me head to Canada where I was a part of a team that taught churches on healing and the Father’s love, and saw many healing’s and deliverance’s as God’s love and power broke out. God is real, and He is at work within you, whether you are aware of it or not.

It is important that as we prepare for the year ahead, we take the time to look to the past year, to build a history with God of all He has done in us and through us. I know from my life that I will never be the same after the year I have just had! So, what has God done in your life in 2012? How has He shaped you into the person you are today? Spend time today building your own history with God, in doing this, we prepare ourselves for the year ahead, always remembering the work He has already done for us.


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