Joy for Mourning

Today marked the two year anniversary since my grandfather passed away. As we drove to the cemetery to visit the grave, my mind was filled with memories of life with my grandfather. He lived a remarkable life, surviving the depression, world war two, raising two children and loving on four grandchildren. I will always have fond memories of him and the times we spent watching baseball, riding on Mr Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland, eating ice cream, and watching the Clint Eastwood movie –  Kelly’s Heroes, over and over again.

I thank God for him and for all he taught me, and I thank God that he spent his adult life devoted to church and family. I thank God for keeping His promise and I thank God that tonight, my grandfather is eagerly anticipating celebrating Christmas in heaven. What a feast that must be!

My grandfather had a wicked sense of humour and was always joking around and making light of any situation. What an amazing way to view life always with a smile on your face. Sure, there may be times when this is hard to do but what if we truly lived like this?

The Bible says that the Joy of the Lord is our strength therefore the happier we are the stronger we become. Happiness and joy are powerful weapons in destroying the work of the devil. He would love for us to go through life depressed and always down about the circumstances in our life.

Just the other day I went to Disneyland, and went on the same ride my grandfather and I had done so many times when I was a kid. As we stood in line, thoughts and memories flashed before my mind of the hours we would spend in line waiting to get on to the ride. At first, sadness began to consume me before I was able to then thank God for having such amazing memories and immediately I felt a shift in my countenance where the sadness was replaced with joy, as I was able to look back with fondness on all that we had done together.

Isaiah 61 is a prophetic word about what Jesus would do when He came into the world. It’s a prophetic word about what we, as His disciples, will do today. Verse 4 says that all mourning will be replaced with oil of gladness or joy. There is a time for mourning our loved ones who have left us but that is quickly followed with a time of joy and gladness as we embrace life and look forward to the day when we may meet each other again.


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