Living From Abundance

I had the opportunity to share with a church group last night, and felt God prompting me to talk from John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

What’s funny is that at class we had a speaker come and talk on the same verse, only she focused on the first half of the verse, bringing our attention to the ways in which the devil would love to rob us of our life, and prevent us from fully entering into what God has planned for us.

I was sharing on the abundance of God, and how Jesus here is saying that He came so that we might have life to the full, or in some translations, a life of abundance. The English word abundance means “Overflowing fullness of the heart”. Jesus came so that we may have an overflowing fullness of our heart. If we are not experiencing this in our lives, perhaps it is the devil, the thief, who is stealing this from us. We cannot allow our past experiences to dictate who we are today. God doesn’t remember our past failures, so neither should we.

Until I began at Bethel, my past experiences told me that I had to work hard to provide all my needs, and that I could only trust myself in bringing this provision. For the last year and a half now, I have been unemployed. When I first moved here, I straight away began to look for jobs, but found I was getting nowhere with that. I began to hear God saying to me that He didn’t want me to work in this season as He wanted me to trust in Him and to trust that He is my provider, that He can and will provide abundantly for all my needs, physical and spiritual.

This has been a long process of letting go of control in this area of my life, and trusting that God will indeed provide for me. I have seen Him provide in amazing ways this last year and a half, and look to the next six months of being here with excitement about how God is going to provide for me in the months ahead.

It has not just been financial provision this year, God has been invading every aspect of my daily life, bringing healing to past hurts, comfort when comfort is needed, and pouring out His love on me. In letting go of control and allowing God to take care of me, He has filled my life with hope and with peace.

But…it is important to remember that there is a thief out there. Just last week I woke in the middle of the night with intense feelings of anxiety and fear. I got out of bed, walked into the living room, and began pacing back and forth. I spent the next few minutes releasing peace over myself, and within about 5 minutes, all feelings of anxiety and fear had left.

My prayer is that today you experience the abundance of God in your life, whatever situation you are faced with, He is bigger and more than capable of providing for you in amazing ways. Be blessed today, let the God of abundance shower you with His Love, Peace and Joy.



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