Ears that hear

Last week I was part of a team of 13 people who drove 18 hours to a small town in Canada and lead a healing school as well as help out in their healing rooms. While driving there, we began to prophesy over each other, and one of the words spoken over me was that I was going to see a lot of people healed of hearing defects, not just on the trip, but in my life.

During our time in Canada, I didn’t actually get the chance to pray for anybody with hearing difficulties, although I did get to see God move in powerful ways as he set people free from both physical and emotional healing. Three people also gave their lives to the Lord. The weekend was a weekend of doing battle with the enemy and taking back what is rightfully God’s. Backs, eyes, hips, arms, legs were all healed. I heard a report of a man we prayed for who had pain in his shoulder. He felt the pain go as we prayed for him and then this past week he went to the doctors to have them check it out. It was completely healed! God is really good at His job.

On Friday night I was doing some street ministry and we came across two homeless men taking shelter from the rain. We began to speak with them and then the man I was speaking to allowed us to pray for him. As we were praying, my right ear began to hurt. God will sometimes do this to us to highlight an area in another persons body which is experiencing pain and needs some healing. So I asked him if he had pain in his right ear. He did. In fact, he couldn’t hear very well out of it and it was affecting his balance. We began to pray for his ear. He felt his balance becoming better and when we had finished praying he was able to hear us much better than before.

It is amazing that God speaks to us about the people around us. Being aware of this is something that I am determined to become more and more used to doing. It is so important that as we take steps out to love the people around us, we need to ask God for ears to hear what He is saying in each situation. God is always talking to us. Even in the silence, He speaks to us. We just need to have the ears to hear His voice.


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