In the Beginning.

And so it begins. I created this site almost a year ago with every intention of writing a weekly, possibly more often than that, blog on what I have been learning during my time studying at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. I felt I heard God say to me just the other day that I was to write a book or something about my experiences here, I told Him if He gave me confirmation of this by the end of the week, I would. Tonight I was at a friends house for dinner and he mentioned to me that I should begin to write a blog, giving details of life in California, and what it means to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

Just the name supernatural conjures up all sorts of thoughts and questions. Is he at some sort of Harry Potter school? No, not quite. I do believe in God, and that God is a supernatural being who invites us into a lifestyle similar to that of the early Apostles, who did just as Jesus commanded them to – heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the good news.

I am in second year at the school, and this year I have been focusing on street ministry and gaining in confidence in approaching people on the streets. Evangelism is something that has always scared me. The fear of rejection is something that prevents many Christians from doing what Jesus asks them to do. Although I have faced rejection on several occasions so far, the number of positives encounters with people have far outweighed any rejections. Besides this, first year at Bethel really drives home the importance of knowing our identity in Christ, where we are never rejected from His love for us.

Just last week I found myself leading a group of first year students out onto the streets of Redding. I had felt God say to me earlier in the day that He wanted to heal people that night and that we should focus on bringing healing to those we met. We decided to head out to the parking lot of a major superstore. Upon arriving, we noticed a employee sitting on the ground leaning against the wall of the building. We walked up to him and I told him that we felt God wanted to heal people and was there anything we could pray for. He looked at me, very surprised by my question. “Yes”, he said, ” I have a pain in my abdomen and there is a lump there that the doctors don’t know what it is.” We began to pray for his pain, and as we did this, I felt like God was directing me to pray for his marriage as well. As we did this, he opened up to us and told us he was experiencing some difficulties in his marriage. I asked him about the pain in his stomach, “I don’t feel any pain there”, was his reply. He still had a lump sticking out that looked like a hernia. I asked him to place his hand over it, and then I lay my hand over his and said a short prayer. “I feel heat in there” he said. As he said that, he felt the lump go down and he was then able to push in on his stomach. That was the first time is months he was without pain. It’s always God’s will to heal.

We then prayed for a lady who had arthritis in her knees, as we were praying for them, she let out a little scream, “My back just got healed, I forgot it hurt until just now when I felt all the pain leave.” I call that an accidental healing. She then felt the pain leave her knees and left the parking lot pain free. God is healer.

Meanwhile, a girl from our group was leading a man who had been suicidal and was dealing with anxiety to the Lord. This man left the parking lot free from anxiety and filled with the Holy Spirit. God heals the whole person.

This is slowly becoming an everyday, normal experience for me. Although I never want to take this for granted, I am just blown away by the way God really is in a good mood, and really does want to use us to reach out to the people around us. It’s normal to see people healed and set free. It’s normal to release the Kingdom of God wherever we go.


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